Hanoi Street Food tour full day

Vietnamese cuisine is very diverse and most delicious. Most famous remains 'Pho Ga' (chicken noodle soup) or 'Pho Bo'(Beef noodle soup). There are various dishes including chicken, beef, fish and seafood, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of restaurants nowadays in Hanoi catering to everyone's taste. Hanoi street food become a cuisine culture of Hanoi.



Take a taxi (or car )to the old quarter street, here are a few of our favorite places to enjoy “real” Hanoi street food.Enjoy a part of favourite food made by Vietnamese people with traditional taste below:

Pho (rice noodle soup):
If any visitor asked about the most memorable dishes when they arrived in Hanoi, especially foreign tourists, the answer would be the Pho. Ha Noi Pho slightly different places, eating raw vegetables but without the bar, fresh water will bring the appetite for all customers.

Pillow cake -bánh gối:
its name like its shape like a pillow. The core inside is meat and quail egg. Pillow cake is often sale in the winter, and people like it. Enjoy with sour sweet sauce and salad.

Xoi Xeo
– A popular lunchtime at “Xôi Yen”. best served with chicken (can order with no skin) and with pate. ( crispy onions on top – but maybe you’ll like that). Located on the corner of Nguyen Huu Huan and Hang Bac streets at the edge of Hanoi’s Ancient Quarter.

Green Papaya Salad with Beef Jerky Recipe (Goi Du Du Bo Kho):
The main material makes this dish is the green papaya, dried beef, herbs and especially the sweet and sour sauce sprinkled on top. You can easily find many places selling this dish, but if you want to enjoy delicious salad place should go: a small street near Hoan kiem lake or Hue mannequin shop on Ham Long street, opposite Ham Long church (beef salad, mixed salad, salad beef tendon, liver spleen mannequin …)

Grilled meat by stick- thịt xiên:
Grilled meat by stick has many lovers especial kids. One price is about 6000 – 10000 VND, you could pay more 2000 VND to have a bread with grilled meat stick. Walking on the streets of Hanoi in the after noon, you can see grilled shops near the side walk with great smell!

Chè or sweet soup, a special of Hanoi:
Sweet-soup shops can be seen in almost streets in Hanoi: Hàng Buồm, Hàng Bạc, Cửa Nam, Sinh Từ, Tạ Hiện, Lương Ngọc Quyến, Lò Đúc, Khâm Thiên…Hanoi is rich in sweet soups and each has its flavour, but they all look fresh, scented and something like smell of pomelo and jasmine. Sweet-soups are simply prepared but it needs efforts and patience and they vary in: lotus seeds, soft and green rice, black bean, green peas…

Coffee in Hanoi: choose 1 of 3 traditional coffee shop in Hanoi:

Egg coffee:
Sinhcafe travel guide will then take you to one of Hanoi’s best kept secrets, a hidden café to taste the most famous Egg Coffe in Hanoi . This hard-to-find café is one of the few left in the city that still serves egg coffee, a scrumptious local delicacy that we will sample whilst admiring the hustle and bustle of the city centre below. Or, if coffee is not your style, a cold beer awaits!. At the end of the trip you are free to continue exploring the area or your guide

Cafe overlooking Ho Hoan Kiem – One of the nicest views of Lake Hoan Kiem is from a cafe with a hidden entrance on Hang Gai Street.

View of Ho Hoan Kiem lake from this hidden cafe

Entrance at #11 Hang Gai – its on the south side of Hang Gai, between Hang Dao and Luong Van Can (much closer to Hang Dao end). The entrance is at the back of a small souvenir shop. You walk thru the shop and you will see a tiny “Cafe” sign. You walk all the way to a narrow hall and it opens to an “ancient” area – very small and lovely – then, first go up the staircase and then further up the circular staircase to the 2 top floors with fab views of Ho Hoan Kiem lake. Enjoy a delicious ca phe sua da (Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk) or a sinh to (fruit shake), relax and enjoy one of the best views in Hanoi!

- Cộng Càphê where nostalgia and memories of old days meet an on-trend, inspirational, quirky design and friendly service.

Cộng caphe quality-focused artisan coffee shop is a great place to drink/eat/work in a homey, unique Hanoian atmosphere. Cộng Càphê (which means Viet Cong in Vietnamese) recalls the socialist era with humour and parody with its bare brick walls, dark wood handmade tables, propaganda posters and slight militaristic hint.

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