Why us

One-of-a-kind product
We know our clients have their own perspectives and different needs; therefore, we create tailor-made products which fit their requirements. In addition, we deeply understand that every journey will be a story, so we wish to give you a hand to create your own story, no matter how many places you expect to see and how long you will spend. 

Authentic value
As an uprising of mass tourism, nowadays, to experience a real culture and explore the unspoiled scenery is difficult but not impossible. In order to let our customers get a first-hand experience of local way of life, we take them to less touristic areas, authentic restaurants, as well as local families. 

Exceptional service
There is a truth that the thing that makes you happy is not only the destination, but also the people you meet and your companion you work with. As a result, we take care you from beginning to your end, provide you everything you need.  We can arrange all services (visa, transportation, accommodations, guides and all excursions) along with 24-hour support to ensure the most comfortable and as convenient as possible. 

Value for money 

‘The more services you use, the better rate you get’ is our philosophy. In combination with the quality of products provided, we are committed to offer our customers the most reasonable price which best fits their budgets. 

Secured online payment
Vietnam Travel Service uses online payment system so that our customers can easily process their order if necessary. However, we only use it with our guest’s agreement because the private information of our guests is always on a top concern.